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OFFICIAL Launch Starts on the 26th of march at 18:00:00 GMT
Shelter Battle Royale Starts daily at (Monday-Wednesday-Friday 22:00:00)
F10 System Starts daily at 18:00:00
Shelter Online Season 1 contains GamePlay of Stage 1-2-3

Server Features

Destiny System

Our world include four different families / clans to choose from that will eventually decide your future destiny in the WAR of the Seven kingdoms Every chosen Role has their own Missions - Merchants.

Shelter BattlePass

KalOnline has been running for 18 years today, we thought its about time Kal introduces more advanced features - our battlepass starts at Level 1 once you've chosen your class you can start following the missions at your (Q) that will reward you with decent EXP and valueable rewards.

Winter is coming

This Server runs on a New Season Every 30 days - Introducing The Story of Game of Thrones into kalworld where the entire server is participating in an Event to defeat the night king that will end up rewarding everyone if you manage to defeat the king.



Posted on 23.03.2022

Welcome to The Fourth Project of - Introducing the Story of Game of thrones, Shelter Chapter 2 is about to change the way you experience KalOnline Since we have been working for a long time to advance the game to compete with the future while still keeping its oldschool charm.

*CHAPTER 2 - Starting Date: 2022-03-26 18:00:00 GMT


Latest Updates

Posted on 23.03.2022